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Why AR?

2x higher

Level of visual attention with AR than with traditional formats

75 seconds

Average engagement time of the user in interacting with the AR experience

3x better

recall in comparison to standard formats

74% GenZ

use AR Filters daily


are more likely to share their favorite Brand’s AR filters.


more engaging is the product preview in AR vs. traditional formats

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AR mural - technical possibilities

AR filters that will display graphics, 2D/3D animations and sound when directed at a mural can be implemented as an AR filter on Instagram or a WebAR app. The choice of platform should depend on the objectives of the campaign, as well as the scenario of the AR experience.

How do you choose the right platform?

Social Media

On SoME, the AR filter for the mural, once implemented, appears in a special tab on the brand's profile, in the effects gallery and we can also use them via a direct link that we place in the QR code painted on the mural.

Alcohol, tobacco, medical brands due to platform limitations, cannot create AR filters on social media- Must use WebAR.

The Social Media AR filter will work great when the goal of the campaign is: